Have you ever wanted something custom made just for you or a loved one?
Call Missy/Miss E about your ideas!

Miss E believes that everyone deserves well made fashionable

clothing that fits well - regardless of body shape, size, height, gender,
age, clothing preferences, fitting issues or anything else! 

 With over 25 years of sewing experience for everyone including (but not limited to): local performance artists, cosplayers, lovers of alternative and vintage fashion, actors, multi-platinum award winning bands, world touring performers, burlesque dancers, drag artists - and everyone in between!

She has a Bachelor of Arts Honors Degree in Theatre & Costume Design
and a knack for sewing "outside the box".
If you can imagine it, Miss E can probably make it!

Call today to discuss your idea, time frame & budget
with Miss E - then she can get started on making your idea a reality!
We also do repairs & alterations (such as zipper replacements and pants hemming and more) no matter the size of the job!

Check out some examples of custom pieces Miss E has created below:

she can work in leather, cotton, satin, spandex, PVC and everything in between.
Miss E has the experience and the machines to sew almost anything!

Short on time? We can make you something within almost any time frame depending on what it is you would like made for a rush fee.

step one.

Have an idea?

Call Missy at 519-763-6400 or

email us with your idea at partycornercostumes@outlook.com



Depending on your project you can meet us at the studio or fabric store to discuss further details.

Please remember to wear

tight-fighting clothes,

the shoes you intend to wear, and undergarments for

fitting purposes.


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I’m a paragraph. Double click me or click Edit Text, it's easy.


Appointment Based

Sewing Only

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