Have you ever wanted something special made just for you?
Regardless if it's a cosplay, corset or a whole outfit come on in to

Party Corner and talk to Missy about your ideas!

If you can think of it, she can probably make it! 
Check out some examples of custom pieces she has created below!

Custom projects can only be discussed via phone, or in person! 
Come in today to discuss your idea, time frame & budget with Missy -

then she can get started on making your idea a reality!

We are still making fabric masks.

Send us a message or come in to

see all the current fabric choices.

Music Reactive Custom Skeleton Suit

This amazing custom cosplay made for a wonderful customer!


Custom corset 18" waist

Edward Scissorhands

A custom Edward Scissorhands made for local burlesque performer Ruby Moon!

Harley Quinn

Custom Harley Quinn from Arkham Knight for Fan Expo!

Custom Pillows

Here are some super-cute custom pillows made for a customer from her daughter's tops she had grown out of! What a great way to keep something you love, but in a new way!

Kakashi Cosplay

A Kakashi cosplay from Naruto we made for a customer!

1700s Gentleman's Gloves

Custom 1700s gloves for a customer.

Custom body cage made for Acqua Hair Salon.

Zero Suit Samus

Custom Zero Suit Samus costume from Metroid.

Junk Hat

Custom glam junk top hat.

Sally Dress

Custom Sally dress from Nightmare Before Christmas.

Custom Watermelon Set

We made this awesome watermelon skirt & mask set for a lovely customer.

Demon Priest

Amazing custom demon priest outfit I made for a customer! He brought me his super-creepy mask and I made an appropriate outfit to go with it!


Custom Elektra costume.

Mermaid Skirt

A super fun mermaid skirt made for a customer!


A custom Adam West Batman made for a customer.

Epic Boots

Epic rhinestone boots made for TroyBoy Parks of TroyBoy Entertainment! You can't tell from this photo but they are really glittery and awesome!

Alice Madness Returns

A killer custom cosplay of Alice Liddell from Alice Madness Returns!


Awesome custom holographic swimsuit made for the fabulous Athena McQueen for the Miss Guelph Pride Pageant!

Wedding Outfit

Wedding outfit for a customer.

Wedding Outfit

Wedding outfit for a customer.

Fabulous Custom dress, corset & collar made for Queen Victoria Parks of TroyBoy Entertainment.

Alien Jumpsuit

A custom made holographic spandex alien costume made for the talented Athena McQueen!

Patchwork Dress

A custom black & red patchwork dress, available in many colors/sizes in store!

Red Corset

Custom 21" waist cincher made for the talented Miss Ruby Moon!

Shining Twins

We created these custom Grady Twins dresses from The Shining for Chuck & Corey from Riot Axe!


Amazing fetish body harness we made for the fabulous Athena McQueen!

Victorian Doll

Super-detailed Victorian style dress, corset, posture collar and top hat band, custom made for a customer!

Sword Holster

Custom made sword holsters for a customer!

Custom Rockstar Pants

Custom rockstar pants for TroyBoy Parks of TroyBoy Entertainment.

Custom made denim ringleader outfit for The Ringleader himself, TroyBoy Parks of TroyBoy Entertainment!

Custom Dress

A Victorian-inspired outfit custom made for Queen Victoria Parks! Custom dress, corset & neckpiece made for Queen Victoria Parks of TroyBoy Entertainment.

Pride Dress

A fun custom patch dress!

Cage Panties

Awesome custom cage panties with bum tassels for fabulous local burlesque dancer Olive von Topp.

Princess Leia

A custom Princess Leia from Star Wars costume made for burlesque performer Marquise De Bawd!


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A custom Adam West Batman made for a customer.