Reviews from our Facebook page


Jennifer Desrosiers says 5/5 stars

"I love this place! Support it so we can keep it! A gem in the sand. Nothing equal in comparison!"

Brad Scott says 5/5 stars

"Guelph is so lucky to have access to this amazing range of costumes and products. Be thankful you don't have to run to Toronto for this kind of selection. Missy is the best!"

Carla Christine says 5/5 stars

Can't go wrong here. Missy and her staff are absolutely amazing. She took her time with each my children to help them find everything they wanted (which takes a lot of patience!). When my daughter liked a certain dress that was clearly too big for her, she immediately stated she could adjust the straps for her. So she sized her up and just moments later she had the straps re-sewn to fit her perfectly! #shoplocal and support this amazing business!

Tamara Viege says 5/5 stars

"The staff is so friendly.. Like having a friend you have known for years. 
They have any costume you can think of and if they don't they will help you make it happen. I just love this place and their staff so much. I wish every experience shopping was like the experience you will have when you enter this store."

Jen Darnell says 5/5 stars

"The owner is amazing!!! I had no idea what my daughter was going for, and within minutes she has us all set up! She was also very accepting of my budget, not pushy at all, like some business people."

Buddy Carmicheal says 5/5 stars

"Missy is truly awesome, her service is far beyond other costume and party stores I've been to, her staff are so helpful, they have helped me on so many occasions, thank you Missy"

Alison Saunders says 5/5 stars

"Incredible costumes, incredible service, quality from the moment you walk in the door. Thanks so much for all of your help Party Corner! xox"

Nicole Grace Hunnersen says 5/5 stars

"I absolutely love this store. Missy (the owner) always has great suggestions and is very helpful. The store has tons of costumes so you will never leave empty-handed. The prices are quite reasonable as well."