Here at Party Corner, we have over 4000 costumes in our rental area, plus thousands of wigs, masks and accessories to help all of your spooky ideas come to life! Our helpful staff will do everything possible to ensure that you walk out with a costume that fits you and your budget just right, all year ‘round, whatever the occasion. Later in the Halloween season, though, we get very busy and in order to help you to make an informed decision that’s right for you, we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions that we hope will sufficiently explain the process of renting a costume from us.

Other people have worn these before. Do you clean your costumes?


            Yes, we take care of laundering all of our costumes each and every time they are rented. We have laundry facilities on-premises to ensure that you are getting a fresh, clean costume every time. We also pride ourselves on being attentive to the condition of the costumes we offer and thoroughly check for and repair whatever issues we detect.

What is a security deposit? Do I have to pay that to rent a costume?


For any rental costume here at Party Corner, there is a security deposit value listed on the rental tag. You do not actually pay this amount.

 For a security deposit, we merely take an imprint of a credit card that we hold onto for the duration of the rental period.  When you return the costume, we give you the slip back. The deposit is only charged in the event that the costume is not returned to us. For any deposit using a credit card, we must see a piece of photo ID in the name of the cardholder.  This does not need to be a license – any photo ID will suffice, eg: student card, BYID card, health card, etc. No personal info from your ID will be written down or stored. We just need to verify that the person leaving the deposit is the person we’re speaking with at the time.

What if I don't have a credit card? Can I still rent a costume?


            Yes, there are other options you can choose to leave a deposit if you don’t personally own a credit card. We will accept a cheque, debit or cash deposit as well.  As with the credit card deposit, the full amount is returned to you when the costume is returned. If you leave a cheque for a deposit, it will not be deposited.  Debit deposits are handled like any “Cash-back” transaction – you perform a debit transaction for the amount of the deposit and you are presented the cash amount back upon return of the costume.

Sorry, but we cannot put the funds back on your debit card.

OH NO!  I got the costume dirty! I split a seam! There’s a tear! Will that cost me my deposit?


Short answer: no.

The costumes we offer are meant to be enjoyed and used to have a good time. Regular wear-and-tear is expected and is nothing to worry about. If we’re talking non-staining soils, small rips or tears or other minor damage you’re all clear. We are more concerned with specific types of damage where parts of the costume become unrecognizable, unusable or lost entirely.  If, for example, you lose a hat or glove, you would be responsible for paying to have that particular piece replaced, and that would either be deducted from the deposit or, if paid with another payment method, your deposit would be returned in full.  Generally speaking, it would have to be catastrophic damage or total loss for you to be responsible for the entire deposit.

How long do I have the costume for? What if I need it for an extended period of time?

Usually, costume rental periods consist of 3 days: a pickup date, the day of use, and the return date. We are flexible in terms of pre-arranged return dates and are usually happy to grant an extra day or two as required unless this would infringe on another pre-booked rental. This is limited to approximately a week. If your needs dictate that you will have the costume for a period stretching over a week up to two weeks, we will offer a 1.5x the rental fee for the 2-week period. If you need the costume for more than 2 weeks up to a month, it will be 2x the rental fee. 

I see on the rental contract that there are late fees if the costume isn’t returned on time. How does that work?


We are usually very accommodating when it comes to return dates, and we will work with you as much as possible to ensure that you are able to return your costume with as few snags as possible, but please keep in mind someone might have that costume booked and we need time to wash it before it goes out again.  Late fees are utilized only in cases where we don’t hear from you. If you are unable to come back on your return date for any reason, please contact us by phone and make alternate plans for the costume’s return even if it is outside of store hours. You are able to leave a message in our voicemail at (519) 763-6400. If you take the time to contact us, late fees will be waived. If we don’t hear from you and the costume is not returned, you will be charged for the rental fee of the costume per day until the costume is returned. Please note that this is separate from the costume’s security deposit.

I'd really prefer to purchase a costume.
Are any of these for sale?

Actually, in some cases, the answer is yes. Some of the costumes in our rental section may be purchased if you prefer. There are exceptions, namely the Mascot costumes, uniforms and theatre pieces that we are unable to replace. If there’s a costume that you wish to purchase, please speak to Missy the owner to see if that can be arranged. As a general rule, superheroes, sexy costumes, storybook costumes, international costumes, vikings, animals and pirates are generally available for sale, but again there are exceptions based on the availability of these costumes to be replaced. 

We do have costumes already designated for purchase at the front of our store we recommend looking at first.